ROUND: Mobile game

These are mockups and designs for a mobile app game I am creating. I’d like to create a real game from it in the future. The goal is to create round shapes, simple and complicated, by solving puzzles. I’ve chosen for a minimalistic style, and for a cute mascot character to promote the game and make it likeable for younger ages. The inspiration to make it a beetle came from dung beetles.

GHOST CHASE: Mobile Game

In this game, you are supposed to make your opponent crash into the trail that you leave while also not crashing into another trail. Inspiration for the gameplay came from Tron.

Character design

These are designs for fake Pokémon. It was a good practice for the different style. The Pokémon are for a fan project by me and Yanniek Klijn. Our work can be found here!
I’ve created this character for an animation project I’m working on. The inspiration came from Ghilbi movies, where often monster characters can be seen in very “normal” and human situations, like keeping their house clean or cooking, rather than just scaring kids or doing something threatening.
Painting for the same animation. This will be used as one of the backgrounds. I painted it all from scratch, but I used photo ref for the individual items.
Belha the bee is a character I’ve created for a comic that takes place in the world of Goruden, more information about that can be found below!
In my free time, I like to make mods for my favorite games, including Skyrim. Here you can see some concept art for a playable insectoid species for Skyrim.
I created this bee character for painting practice.
Two logo designs made for clients: and

GUT CITY: Mobile game

Here you can see concept art and mockups for the game Gut City. The idea for this game is that you build and maintain a little city inside the human body. Good germs live in the “houses” and you protect them from diseases, bad germs, inflammations, etc. It can be used as an educational game for children, and it could be played on mobile and tablet.

Gōruden: Worldbuilding project

Gōruden is a worldbuilding project that I’m working on. It is a fantasy world where bees live as intelligent humanoid beings in a big beehive city. The aesthetic and culture is based on Asian regions, such as Japan, China, Tibet and India.
A fully colored map of the Hive world in ancient times, inspired by ATLA and ancient Japanese maps. The beehive city is based on the iconic rounded beehive shape.
Concept art for an inside look in the beehive city. The biggest, main level is filled with a bustling city of worker bees and other insect people. Most of the work is done here. On the way to the top, the houses get bigger and the people riches, until the huge temple/palace is reached of the bee queen.
An illustration where I tried to emulate the traditional woodblock print style from Japan. It shows one of the bee samurai fighting a bird, showing the scale of their world.
These drawings show concepts for different roles in the society; a Farmer Bee, the Queen Bee, and a Samurai Bee.


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Suzanne van Leeuwen


I am a driven and eager Game Artist student, always looking to learn something new. I have much experience working both in teams and on my own, and I handle my work in an reliable and serious manner. I am familiar with 2D artwork, graphic design and animation.
In my free time, I often work on my own projects and I like to draw every day!
I am currently looking for an internship position, preferably something where I can work on various things, such as concept designs, in-game art, promotion material, and graphic work.

Adobe Photoshop (proficient)
Adobe Animate (intermediate)
Adobe Illustrator (intermediate)